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Friday, June 15, 2012

Khafra Pyramid – Egypt

Khafra's Pyramid – Giza

- This pyramid was built around the year 2500 b.c. as the tomb of the king chephren who ruled egypt for 25 years. This pyramid reaches 137 meters in height , its base measures 210 meters per side . This is the only pyramid which is still covered with lime at the top.

Menkaure's Pyramid – Egypt

Menkaure's Pyramid – Giza

- Menkaure was the son and successor of king khafra . The hight of his grave is a full 66 meters and each side of the base measures 108 meters . In 1837 the researcher howard vyse discovered a granite coffin inside the pyramid . The pyramid was covered with granite some of which remains and is cleary visible.

Saqqara – Egypt

Saqqara – Giza 

- Saqqara was the necropolis of memphis (mit rahina) and lies 2.5 km westward.the area extends over about 7 km in lengh a 1.5km breadth. It is named after sokaris , protector of the dead and god of fertility. kings ,princes and viceroy starting from the 1st until the 12th dynasty , had their tombs built here. The tomb of the 1st king of the 3rd dynasty was designed around 2600 b.c. by the famous architect imhotep. It is one of the oldest stone buildings in the world and the oldest pyramid of egypt. the limestone step pyramid lies in the center of a grand complex with a total surface of 544 meters x 277 meters. It is 60 meters high with 6 inclined planes measuring between 8.5 meters and 11.5 meters and has an area of 109 meters by 121 meters . The actual royal tomb was placed in a chamber 28 meters beneath it . The entrance is located on the the northern side but is now closed .

Dendera – Egypt

The temple of dendera - Egypt

- Dendera is located about 65 km north luxor opposite the modern provincial town of qina or luxor . In the beginning of ancient egypt history Dendera was an important place , it was built by ptolemy XII neos dionysos (Auletes 88-51 b.c.) and has been well preserved hathor , meaning "house of horus" and goddess of music , dance and love was worshipped here.

Dahab – Egypt

Dahab - sharm el-sheikh 
- Dahab the arabic word for gold , derives its name from the colour of the sands. It's a bedouin's village located 95km north of sharm el-sheikh. The famous , 70 meter deep , blue hole snokelling and diving site is located in its coastal waters.

Khufu Pyramid – Egypt

khufu's pyramid – Cairo 

- cheops pyramid in the one of the seven wonders of the world . The pyramids of giza are located on the giza plateau , 18 km south of cairo . The buildders of the pyramids were seeking a safe on high ground in oreder to avoid the annual Nile floods. khufu was the second king of the 4th dynasty ( old kingdom 2500 b.c. ) . He ordered building of the great pyramid which was to be his tomb at the beginning of his 23 year rule.

The Museum of the sun boat – Egypt

The Museum of the sun boat – Egypt 

- Southeast of the pyramid there is a separate museum, built in the shape of the boat . the boat itself which is exhibited inside measures 43.6 meters in length and 5.9 meters in width. the boat was discovered in 1954 by archaeologist kamal el-mallakh . in 1982 ahmed yousef reconstructed the boat out of 650 different parts with the total of 1224 pieces . The boat was built from cedar planking in up to 13 layers thick .

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